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Listening To The EarthSing - Chris Hayward 

This is a very cool series of sonofied seismic records (seismic energy made audible).


Listening to earthquakes

Here is a link to some very interesting work where seismic signals from earthquakes are processed to allow them to be audible. Although they are no longer at the correct frequency content, the human ear when listening to seismic "sounds" is capable of detecting patterns that cannot be discerned by the human eye when looking at wiggle traces on seismograms.




Livermore develops the world's deepest ERT imaging system for CO2 sequestration

Another cool development.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has posted images from the world's deepest Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) system. It is used to develop time-lapse images of the injection of CO2 at depths over 10,000 feet in an oil and gas field in Cranfield, Miss. Be sure to watch the movie.

Indiana Water Resources Association Symposium

Xenon Geosciences will present "Groundwater Resource Exploration: A review of geological and geophysical methods and case studies" at the Indiana Water Resources Symposium in June.


Measuring Ground Water from Space, 2002-2012

Measurements of ground water—rather than water on the surface—reveal the long-term effects of drought. These maps show ground water conditions in the U.S. compared to the long-term average from August 2002 to August 2012. (Map by Chris Poulsen, National Drought Mitigation Center, based on data from the GRACE science team.)

See the video at and learn more at http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/GRACEGroundwater/