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announcing Dr. Howell

Samuel Howell completed his dissertation defense on Nov. 15, wrapping up his work at U Hawaii SOEST.  Next he moves to Pasadena for post-doc work at JPL where he will work on the Europa mission. 

Well done!  Congratulations!


Electromagnetic survey for mapping near-surface chlorides

The EM-31 is an excellent tool when the depth of interest < 6 meters.  Here it is coupled with a DGPS receiver to provide very rapid mapping even when on foot. 

This survey mapped near-surface chlorides (high electrical conductivity) and deep utility corridors that serve as possible migration pathways.  Results shown >here<

Action pose during data collection.  Good conditioning prior to our Wales Coastal Path hike.


The vertical fingerprint of earthquake cycle loading in southern California

Howell et al find a coherent pattern of uplift and subsidence straddling the San Andreas fault system in southern California using vertical velocities derived from global positioning system data, improving the quantification of seismic hazards in southern California and beyond.



Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion

Attended an excellent workshop in earthquake seismology for engineering applications. Offered by ASCE and presented by Dr. Praveen Malhotra, PE.  All continuing education should be this caliber!



Big Walnut Sanitary Trunk Extension - Phase 2

Xenon is excited to work with iTunnel and the rest of the Stantec team on the BWSTE tunnel in Columbus, Ohio.  We will be providing geophysical services to characterize the subsurface conditions along alternate tunnel alignments.  Great work with a great team.