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International Dawn Chorus Day

We truly enjoyed participating in the International Day Chorus Day by broadcasting a live audio feed from our offices here in Danville, Indiana.  Coordinated by Reveil / SoundCamp,  the sounds of daybreak were broadcast for 24 hours, transmitting  sounds from live audio feeds supplied by people at different points around the globe. As the sunrise travels West, the audio sources hop from one feed to the next, finally looping back to our starting point near the Greenwich Meridian.

 Learn more about the project here:  http://www.soundtent.org/soundcamp_2015.html


Listening To The EarthSing - Chris Hayward 

This is a very cool series of sonofied seismic records (seismic energy made audible).


Listening to earthquakes

Here is a link to some very interesting work where seismic signals from earthquakes are processed to allow them to be audible. Although they are no longer at the correct frequency content, the human ear when listening to seismic "sounds" is capable of detecting patterns that cannot be discerned by the human eye when looking at wiggle traces on seismograms.




The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

This is a link to a very cool study about recoverable information present in ambient acoustic vibrations. Well worth the watch!