We've moved!


I am happy to announce that our office has moved into different digs! Cannot call it a 'new' space because the building is 100 years old. We are in a Craftsman House in the center of Danville, Indiana.

New address:

52 W Broadway Street, Danville, Indiana 46122




The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

This is a link to a very cool study about recoverable information present in ambient acoustic vibrations. Well worth the watch!



There is still hope when aurduino computers are being sold in vending machines.




Visualization fail

Every atlas you ever see shows water as blue and ice as white. But that is not so in this graphic which appeared in the WSJ. True, a legend is presented which makes this technically "OK" but it does not pass muster in terms of communication between scientists and the public.




Livermore develops the world's deepest ERT imaging system for CO2 sequestration

Another cool development.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has posted images from the world's deepest Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) system. It is used to develop time-lapse images of the injection of CO2 at depths over 10,000 feet in an oil and gas field in Cranfield, Miss. Be sure to watch the movie.
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