The vertical fingerprint of earthquake cycle loading in southern California

Howell et al find a coherent pattern of uplift and subsidence straddling the San Andreas fault system in southern California using vertical velocities derived from global positioning system data, improving the quantification of seismic hazards in southern California and beyond.


Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion

Attended an excellent workshop in earthquake seismology for engineering applications. Offered by ASCE and presented by Dr. Praveen Malhotra, PE.  All continuing education should be this caliber!



Injection induced seismicty

Very interesting collection of papers in The Leading Edge regarding injection-induced seismicity.  Fluid injection during petroleum production can cause crustal movement with significant seismic energy. 

"Preliminary hazard models indicate that areas experiencing the highest rate of earthquakes in 2014 have a short-term (one-year) hazard comparable to or higher than the hazard in the source region of tectonic earthquakes in the New Madrid and Charleston seismic zones."


International Dawn Chorus Day

We truly enjoyed participating in the International Day Chorus Day by broadcasting a live audio feed from our offices here in Danville, Indiana.  Coordinated by Reveil / SoundCamp,  the sounds of daybreak were broadcast for 24 hours, transmitting  sounds from live audio feeds supplied by people at different points around the globe. As the sunrise travels West, the audio sources hop from one feed to the next, finally looping back to our starting point near the Greenwich Meridian.

 Learn more about the project here:


Big Walnut Sanitary Trunk Extension - Phase 2

Xenon is excited to work with iTunnel and the rest of the Stantec team on the BWSTE tunnel in Columbus, Ohio.  We will be providing geophysical services to characterize the subsurface conditions along alternate tunnel alignments.  Great work with a great team.