Delta Creek - Aleutians


Ground Water Resources

Xenon has successfully applied geological and geophysical methods in the exploration of ground water resources for various municipalities and an ethanol facility. The geologic conditions of each case required different methodologies including seismic refraction, earth resistiviry, and gamma ray logging.


We have extensive experience in the detection and mapping of voids that were made by man, nature and sometimes a combination of both.  Our project experience with voids includes investigations along various tunnel and highway alignments, beneath dams and urban roadways, an electrical substation and beneath the floors of schools and industrial facilities.


Addittedly one of the more interesting applications of geiophysics in the investigations of burials.  We have successfully imaged shallow human burials in historic and prehistoric sites and have performed missing persons surveys.


GPR and seismic methods can be applied to image many types of manmade structures including dams, pavements, taxiways, walls, roads, and bridges. The presence and configuation of reinforcement steel, voids, vaults, degraded concrete or hidden places can be determiend.