a surprising array of historical data can be used to evaluate past conditions


Site Characterization & Conceptual Modeling   Our expertise in the geophysical services that we offer came out of a need to understand the geological framework and processes of a site. We recognized that no single methodology can be applied, and that there is no technical substitute for an understanding of site geology, hydrogeology, contaminant chemistry, surface-ground water interactions. These parameters dictate fate and transport, ground water and contaminant mobilities and accumulation.

Environmental Investigation & Assessment   From Superfund to property transefers, our experience includes environmental assessments and investigations under programs ranging from RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, VRP/VAP and LUST, and Environmental Site Assessments under the All Appropriate Inquiry Rule and ASTM. Experience includes subsurface characterization, field instrumentation, Level IV data valadation, and subsurface characterization using direct sampling and geophysical methods.

Litigation Support   Serving as lead technical consultant, we developed the factual evidence needed to bring to bear the need for a Fortune 200 company to take responsibility for their historical environmental impacts. This was acheived by evaluating the historical processes of the industry, determining the nature and volumes of its waste stream, and development of a Site Conceptual Model synthesized from the surface-and ground water hydrologic, geomorphologic, geochemical and geological signatures of their operations.


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